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It is a tour in which you can enjoy the entire Isumi City.
You can experience making Udon noodles and Hana (Flower) sushi.


You will also be able to join a brewery tour and have breakfast in the morning market.

You will see the sculpture created by Nami no Ihachi in Izunadera Temple. It is believed that Hokusai Katsushika was inspired by this sculpture and painted waves.


Kido Izumi (SAKE brewery tour)



HOTEL(Mikazuki Inn)



Two days, one night Isumi City Tour
Meet at Shinjuku 7:30 / Break up at Shinjuku 20:00
Tour length:
English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish
Req to Run Tour:
20 guests
Tour Fare:
22,000 yen(Fares for infants 20%)
1,760 yen


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